Wellness Coaching
with Julie

Personalized one-on-one Wellness Coaching to help you ditch the pesky old habits keeping you from your happiest & healthiest self.  

It’s time to finally put your health & wellness first.

You can create sustainable healthy habits, day after day to make it easier to reach your health goals and feel your best. 

Would you like to: 

→ Finally break those old eating patterns that keep you stuck and frustrated
→ Get deeper, more restful sleep night after night

→ Learn to read your actual hunger cues to avoid overeating

→ Create a healthy relationship with food so you can ditch emotional or boredom eating

→ Reduce stress and anxiety in your life to feel calmer and happier

→ Learn how to get back on track after you’ve slipped up with your eating

→ Stick to a healthy eating routine that makes you happy

The best part about private, personalized, wellness coaching sessions with Julie is that you get to work on whatever your personal challenges or goals are. 

Julie will help you make shifts in your routine & mindset to break through what’s holding you back. 

The life you’re imagining is possible!

It starts with taking small steps to reach those big goals.


In this coaching experience, you’ll receive two personalized 1:1 coaching calls with Julie to untangle your personal triggers and situations that are keeping you from living a happier and healthier life and create a plan that you can easily follow to fix that! 


Julie can help you:

→ Find a healthy eating routine that works for your lifestyle

→ Kick negative self talk to the curb and bounce back from setbacks

→ Stop your stress or boredom eating or an out control sweet tooth

→ Feel less stress and anxiety in your daily life

→ Create a calming night routine and get better sleep

1st coaching session 

In your first coaching session with Julie you’ll pinpoint the specific areas of your wellness that you’d like to work together, identify your personal triggers, and create a simple plan for changes to make in your daily life. 

2nd Coaching Session 

Two weeks after your first coaching session, you’ll have the second coaching session to check in on your progress, address any setbacks or challenges and set you up with a customized approach to maintain your new healthy habits. 

"Julie is inspirational! She really understands the many emotional and normal situations that cause us not to be true to ourselves. Julie helps us recognize how we can be better physically and emotionally. The result is our being happier. Thank you Julie!"
Kathy M.