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A 6-week live program to show you how to eat fun, fast, healthy meals for one, slay your health goals and love your life.

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“Thank you so much for this fun learning experience! I feel like I gained kitchen confidence, learned a lot about spice combinations as well as tips and tricks and have some really wonderful recipes that I will make again and again. Most of all, I got it out of my head that I don’t like all the chopping and prep work that’s involved in varying my meals. This was fun and easy and allowed me to be creative in the kitchen. You’re the best!”


Do you ever find yourself starving at the end of a long day, but have no idea what to make?

What about just being generally exhausted and having a hard enough time going for a walk, let alone cooking an entire HEALTHY meal for yourself!?

All you want to do is jump in your pjs, put on your slippers, call for takeout or do a frozen meal, roll up in a warm cozy blanket, watch TV, and stay there until your eyes can’t stay open for another second.

Who even has time and energy for cooking and healthy routines?! Much less time to think about preparing your lunch for the next day.

“There’s gotta be something around here I can just snack on quickly… I’ll make something healthy tomorrow…”

You’re not the only one having a hard time pulling all those healthy habits together.

Healthy cooking is 80% of the challenge for people, even if many of us are still working from home, and have little time to think about what to eat. The other 20% is implementing consistent, sustainable healthy habits that last. 

The brain says “let’s hit that spin class”, then the heart says “but… I’m tired”. The brain says “there are veggies in there to snack on”, while the heart calls for cookies…

Then comes stress eating, wine unwinding, diving into the depths of Netflix all night, late-night snacking, going to bed too late and waking up like a zombie, drinking too much coffee… oh my!


It’s time to make that change and join the party, girlfriend.

Here’s the thing…

Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle should be totally easy, fun, and filled with moments AND food that make you happy! Let me show you how to skip those flavorless days in life, the expensive takeout and meal kits, and the stress of wanting to feel like a healthy-living-goddess…and instead become one!

Hi cutie, I’m Julie.

An Engineer-turned-Chef, Healthy Cooking Expert, & Total Fun-Lover. 

My goal is to help you with an easy, upbeat approach to healthy eating and living a fun balanced lifestyle.

Life’s too short for boring, bland, bunny food!

I’ve helped 1000’s of women nationwide achieve that happy-meets-healthy balance, have published thousands of recipes and tips for Weight Watchers, Shape Magazine, Beach Body Fitness, and more and am also a regular on morning & lifestyle shows.

During our time together at Healthy Made Easy, Consider me your Personal Trainer for Healthy Cooking & your Healthy Habits Mindset Coach.

No more overwhelm in the kitchen, no more berating yourself for falling off the healthy wagon, no more promising you’ll get back to healthy habits on Monday. Just fun, loving support and tasty awesomeness!


Cooking For You (Or Two)

A live, 6-week healthy eating and healthy habits coaching program bundled with meal plans, recipes, printables, re-watchable cooking lessons, live coaching, tactical tips & more.


Look, there’s no magic potion here.

It’s all about commitment. However I guarantee that if you’re 100% ready to do it for yourself, make some adjustments and make it happen by learning and implementing the tips and tricks I have prepared for you, and with the support of our loving community, in no time, you’ll be celebrating yourself and the amazing healthy groove you’re in.

What Past Students Have Said

These women are absolutely rockstars, and so are you!

Learning from Julie is life changing!

I am recommitting to eating healthier for both my husband, Mark and myself. Which I know I can achieve with Julie and the membership of this clubs help. So thank you Julie for creating this opportunity to share and learn from you and one another, I am so excited to begin again!


Thank you for another great session. I’ve been cooking 50+ years and am so happy to learn new combos and techniques.


To be honest, I’m so tired of trying to come up with ideas for healthy meals. I also don’t love to cook which makes it even more difficult! So this class is perfect, I know what I need to purchase and all of the recipes sound easy but fantastic!


I was a decent cook when I had a bunch of people to cook for, but now that it’s just me, I rarely take the time. It’s time I made myself a priority. This winter I have a ton of work to get through, and I don’t want to buy these “pop it in the microwave,” chef-designed meals. It’ll be fun taking the time to take the class along with the rest of you.



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