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Never wonder “What’s for Dinner?” again.

Finally! A cookbook and meal planning solution to simplify weeknight cooking.

Here's What You Can Look Forward To...

🖤 You open your fridge at the end of a busy day and have an amazing dinner for yourself ready in 10 minutes flat

🖤 You’re not bored of the same old recipes because you have over THIRTY new meals for 1 from juicy turkey burgers, shrimp scampi, pepperoni pizza boats, moo shu pork, chimichurri steak, gyro bowls, and more!

🖤 You know exactly what to buy and what to make each week to use up what you bought

🖤 You’re saving money on greasy takeout and wasted ingredients

🖤 You’re eating healthy all week so you have plenty of room for the treats you crave

No more getting stuck eating leftovers all week from recipes that serve an army!  

Learn how to make healthy meals for one that always come out tasting incredible with how to videos linked right in the cookbook. 

No more dry chicken, boring salads, mushy veggies, and tasteless meals that make you feel deprived.


Stop playing the “What’s for Dinner” guessing game!

It’s all done for you in this easy-to-follow cookbook and video guide.  


The Ultimate Guide to Cooking for 1 or 2 was designed for busy-you.

Not only will you be saving time with done-for-you meal plans, you’ll be learning healthy cooking skills for life, just while making yourself dinner!

What people are saying...

"Learning from Julie is life changing! I am recommitting to eating healthier for both my husband, Mark and myself. Which I know I can achieve with Julie and the membership of this clubs help. So thank you Julie for creating this opportunity to share and learn from you and one another, I am so excited to begin again!"


"To be honest, I'm so tired of trying to come up with ideas for healthy meals. I also don't love to cook which makes it even more difficult! So this class is perfect, I know what I need to purchase and all of the recipes sound easy but fantastic!"


"I love how easy it is to whip up each meal during the week!"


"There are so many recipes from this guide that will make it in to my regular rotation. I love them so much. I am recently single (in my mid 50's) and was having a real hard time enjoying cooking anymore. I would make something I loved but found out that even though I love leftovers, I don't love them forever and ever. I also LOVE the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, so your recipes for 1 plus your interactive videos are perfect for me! I look forward to more, more, more!


"Thank you for another great session. I've been cooking 50+ years and am so happy to learn new combos and techniques."


"I was a decent cook when I had a bunch of people to cook for, but now that it's just me, I rarely take the time. It's time I made myself a priority. This winter I have a ton of work to get through, and I don't want to buy these "pop it in the microwave," chef-designed meals."


"Thank you so much for this fun learning experience!  I feel like I gained kitchen confidence, learned a lot about spice combinations as well as tips and tricks and have some really wonderful recipes that I will make again and again.  Most of all, I got it out of my head that I don’t like all the chopping and prep work that’s involved in varying my meals.  This was fun and easy and allowed me to be creative in the kitchen.  You’re the best!"

Make Cooking for 1
Easy and Fun

Here's how the meal plans work


Choose your yummy menu for the week


Use the built in shop list to grab the groceries you need 


Watch the how-to videos to learn as you go & save time


Do quick Prep Ahead to get organized and slash weeknight cooking time


Enjoy amazing dinners all week that take minutes to make!

Want to know the best part?

You’ll get over 30 fun-healthy recipes for one with clear how-to videos to enjoy as you like…


Use the 6 convenient menus with meal plans, shop lists, and prep plans to put “what’s for dinner” on autopilot and save hours in the kitchen! 

Here's a peek at what you could be eating this week...

Hi cutie, I’m Julie.

An Engineer-turned-Trained Chef, Healthy Cooking Expert, & Total Fun-Lover. 

My goal is to help you with an easy, upbeat approach to healthy eating while you enjoy a fun balanced lifestyle.

Life’s too short for boring, bland, bunny food! 

I’ve helped 1000’s of women nationwide learn to make healthy eating fun, have published countless recipes and tips for WW, Shape Magazine, Beach Body Fitness, and more and am also a regular on morning & lifestyle shows.

Consider me your Kitchen Personal Trainer and Healthy Eating Cheerleader!

No more overwhelm in the kitchen, no more beating yourself up for falling off the healthy eating wagon, no more lifeless boring meals.  You deserve better!


💣 Truth Bomb Time

The single best way for you to maintain a healthy weight and avoid health issues later in life is to learn to cook healthy meals for yourself that you love. 


The Ultimate Guide to Cooking for 1 or 2 was designed specifically for busy – you. Not only will you save time and money with done-for-you meal plans, you’ll learn healthy cooking skills for life, just while making yourself dinner.


Grab The Ultimate Guide to Cooking for 1 or 2


You get all of this for just $77!

  • 6 Fun Weekly Menus – $99 value
  • Accompanying Video Cooking Lessons – $399 value
  • Done for You Grocery Lists and Prep Once: Eat All Week plans – $99 value
  • Master Cookbook with 30 New Recipes – $49 value
  • BONUS cooking tips videos
  • BONUS Breakfast & Lunch for 1 Recipes

That’s a total savings of $569!


You may be wondering…

Individual recipes are great but don’t solve the fundamental problem. The Ultimate Guide to Cooking for 1 was carefully designed to not only solve the “what’s for dinner” problem with a mish-mash of recipes. It shows you what to buy and what to make with it all week. AND it’s a healthy cooking course in “bite-sized” pieces (pun intended!) to teach you how to meal plan and cook in smaller amounts. As you use the cookbook and watch the short tips videos you’ll learn new veggies, techniques, time savers, flavor boosters, healthy swaps. You’ll up your healthy cooking skills for life ALL in the comfort of your own kitchen, just while making yourself dinner.

The menus are all gluten free and the recipes and videos include recommendations for common swaps. 

No problem! The menus are all easy to double and even include easy ways to adapt the meals for hearty appetites (without needing to make an entire separate meal). Many women choose to double the meals to have extras for lunch all week too or to pop in the freezer in a perfect serving size.

Nope! You can choose to make any of the menus or recipes anytime and in any order you like. You’ll also get to enjoy a mix of chicken, ground turkey, pork, vegetarian recipes, seafood, beef, and heaps of veggies so you’ll learn a whole library of new healthy cooking skills, flavors, spices, techniques, and recipes as you enjoy the menus.

Honestly? I was so sick of seeing single, divorced, empty-nester women left struggling when it came to cooking for themselves. Feeling frustrated at leftovers, family packs, recipes for 8, relying on takeout, and less healthy or lame frozen meals.  Nobody was sharing an actual SOLUTION to help women like me who are cooking for 1 or 2.  So I created it! And I priced it to be affordable for you too.

Yes! It’s designed for WW members!  I’ve been the main WW recipe creator for the past decade and created 1000’s of your favorite WW recipes – but I wanted to put a resource together with low Point, WW friendly recipes and meal plans specifically for when you’re cooking for 1 or 2. You’ll learn all my Points slashing cooking tips in the How To Videos. There are even direct links in the Ultimate Guide Cookbook to automatically tally and track your Points on the WW website.

Not only will the Ultimate Guide to Cooking for 1 teach you to save time shopping and in the kitchen, but you can also use the menus, fast tips videos, and easy recipes on your own time, at your own pace for life!