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Cooking for You or 2?

Make it Easy, Delicious, Fast and Fun!
No more wondering “what’s for dinner”, wasted groceries, or eating the same leftovers all week from a recipe that feeds an army!  Get the help you need and become your healthiest self:
Healthy Made Easy: Cooking for You or 2 Meal Plan Cookbook

Healthy Made Easy! 

Meal Plan Cookbook

Make “What’s for Dinner” EASY while you eat healthy!  This unique Meal Planning Cookbook features 6 weeks of low carb menus, grocery lists, prep plans, & recipes using up what you bought plus links for WW PersonalPoints.


Healthy Made Easy! 

Cooking Class

Want to stay motivated to cook and eat healthy with Julie by your side cheering you on? Join this fun private group to learn to make all your healthy meals taste amazing and save time in the kitchen –  just while making yourself dinner as you cook through the cookbook!  You’ll get live help from Julie PLUS videos to guide you.  

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Healthy Made Easy!  Meal Plan Cookbook

Meal Planning and cooking for 1 or 2 people can be a hassle with wasted groceries, endless leftovers, or recipes that take forever to make!

Save $ on takeout and meal kits while you save time in the kitchen and enjoy amazing healthy meals all week long with this unique Cookbook and Meal Planning Solution!  Julie’s Prep Once – Eat All Week method takes all the hassle out of meal planning and healthy cooking for yourself or a partner.

What you can expect inside:

Not your average cookbook, this baby includes a weekly shop list and prep-ahead plan to make 4 FAST, EASY, hearty-healthy meals for yourself for the week using up what you bought.  You’ll enjoy a variety of delish, easy to make meals all week for dinner that are simple to double to have extras for lunch or tuck in the freezer for a rainy day.  

No more “what’s for dinner” stress or boredom of having the same old things… and you won’t believe how much time you’ll save and how easy healthy eating is with Julie’s Prep Once – Eat All Week method.

You’ll enjoy weekly menus that serve 1 or 2 featuring a mix of chicken, beef, pork, ground turkey, shrimp, seafood, and veggie based dishes with substitutions and swaps noted. There are also easy options to adapt the meals for heartier appetites so you won’t get stuck making a 2nd meal for them. Each week’s plan also includes a bonus “celebrate yourself”  healthy weekend recipe to treat yourself…because you deserve it!

What You Get:

✔️ 6 Weeks of Meal Plans with grocery lists, weekly prep plan & weekly meals with 30 GF/Low Carb recipes

✔️ Nutrition and WW PersonalPoints link for easy tracking

Healthy Made Easy! Cooking Class 

Does cooking healthy meals for yourself or a partner feel frustrating, too time consuming, boring, or not worth the effort?  Want to get into a healthy cooking and healthy eating groove while you learn Julie’s tricks to make it easy, fast, and delicious?

In this 6 week cookbook companion program you’ll have Julie by your side in the kitchen all week long as you learn her meal planning, meal prep, and healthy cooking tips…just while making yourself dinner each night!

Here’s what other women just like you have said after completing Julie’s programs!

“I am recommitting to eating healthier for both my husband and myself. Which I know I can achieve with Julie and her programs. So thank you Julie for creating this opportunity to share and learn from you and one another, I am so excited to begin again!”

– Kathy

“Having an entire plan with all the elements from a grocery shopping list, to detail recipes to video instruction is incredible, so easy to follow step by step. You will learn something new regardless of your skill level of cooking and have fun while doing it. You will be building your spice rack and kitchen cabinets with new and interesting flavors you may not have tried before.”

– Kay

“Most of all, I got it out of my head that I don ’t like all the chopping and prep work that’ s involved in varying my meals. This was fun and easy and allowed me to be creative in the kitchen. You’re the best!”

– Risa

Julie’s Prep Once – Eat All Week method makes it simple and you’ll have Julie and a supportive group of women by your side to cheer you along. 

You’ll save money on takeout, meal kits, and wasted groceries while you enjoy amazing meals all week long.  Cook along with Julie for 6 weeks and you’ll transform your healthy cooking skills for life and become a natural in the kitchen. 

Each week includes a group coaching call with Julie to answer questions and help you rock each week’s meal plan and recipes…plus mini video lessons to show you shortcuts, cooking tips, and exactly what to do to make cooking EASY and speedy.  Picture Julie as your private cooking teacher while you and your girlfriends take a fun, game-changing healthy cooking course, all in the comfort of your own kitchen while you make dinner.

What You Get:

✔️ 6 Weeks of Meal Plans with grocery lists, weekly prep plan & weekly meals with 30 GF/Low Carb recipes

✔️ Nutrition and WW PersonalPoints link for easy tracking

✔️ Accompanying Video Cooking Lessons

✔️ Weekly Group Coaching Call with Julie

✔️ Private Group Community to ask questions, get support, stay motivated to cook along, and make new friends


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