Recipe Category: Desserts

45 minutes


Cardamom is the secret to elevating this version of everyone’s favorite apple crisp – they won’t know why it’s different, they’ll just know it’s fantastic!

5 minutes


This so tasty, so easy creamy-sweet dip is a surefire hit for your next party, holiday gathering or picnic potluck. The deliciousness of everyone’s favorite Italian dessert f

1 hour 20 minutes


Initially made in honor of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, these elegant desserts are a sweet finish for any spring or summer meal. This easy-to-serve miniature version is perf

These mini pumpkin pie cheesecakes are just the right treat to enjoy for dessert or to share with friends for the holidays. They’re so adorable and delicious, they’ll n

22 minutes


These luxuriously rich little cakes are sure to impress with their warm flowing centers and elegant dark chocolate espresso finish. Even better? It takes just a few simple ingredie