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Bucket List Trips for Fun Loving Foodies

Does it feel like those incredible trips are only for food travel shows, travel shows, or Instagram influencers? 


→ Wish you could get your favorite fun-loving friends together to finally take that trip but schedules, planning & coordination makes it feel impossible?


→ Are you done with crowded tourist traps and craving an authentic, small-group experience filled with local culture and insider foodie spots?


→ Eager to taste the world and would love a group of fellow food and fun-lovers to share that with?


→ You’ll enjoy a totally DONE FOR YOU trip carefully designed and hosted by a trained chef to give you a true taste of the places we travel including boutique 4 star hotels, chef-insider experiences, a mix of local specialties and high end dining, market visits, walking tours and more.


→ Indulge in an incredible mix of food, wine, and local culture experiences with an emphasis on women chefs and winemakers, local specialties, family run small businesses, and cooking classes so you get a true taste of where you visit


→You’ll be part of a community of fellow food and fun-lovers with common interests in a small group setting of 10-12 – come solo or bring a friend and get ready to meet your new tribe of travel besties!

Upcoming Trips

Tuscany, Italy

Experience the beauty and magic at the heart of the Renaissance in Florence plus the stunning Medieval hill towns and romantic countryside of Tuscany. This pampering trip is filled with wine, spas, culture, art, insider only experiences, and women supporting women.

Sicily, Italy

Deeply explore and savor the sunny island of Sicily, it’s coastal towns, Mt Etna, countryside, and incredible food culture. This carefully curated trip covers a wide swath of the island featuring women led wineries and resorts, panoramic ocean views, baroque beauty, and once in a lifetime experiences.

Galapagos, Ecuador

In this immersive cultural experience you’ll visit the capital city of Quito, the Ecuadorian countryside of the Andes, and a deep dive into this South American country’s food culture and women artisans. You’ll also enjoy several days in the Galapagos Islands with it’s incredible wildlife on land and sea.

Paris and Loire Valley, France

Enjoy the City of Lights as well as the romantic French countryside and infamous wine region just south of Paris where Kings, Queens, and Popes went to vacation and play. You’ll visit charming towns, castles, chateaus and enjoy troglodyte winery visits, farm to table cooking classes, and more.


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Madrid, Spain

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What Fun Lovers Like You Have Said

Get Ready For the Foodie Adventure of a lifetime!

“Absolutely do it! You will not regret it. It was a ball and I would go on another trip with Julie in a heartbeat!”


“Honestly, I never would have found such unique experiences for myself like Julie did”


“As a single girl who works from home, I rarely see my friends – this trip was just what I needed!”


“Why did I want to go on this trip & bring my mom?

Because you KNOW when you travel with Julie she’s going to create magical foodie experiences for you.”


“When I saw the itinerary it was way, way better than anything I could have done on my own. It was so incredibly great not to be responsible for anything but showing up and enjoying my time.”


“It was such a great way to get my far-flung friends together and the best part is ALL the planning was done for us!”


“You had me at ‘exclusive tours with women winemakers'” 


My Trips Are For You If...

Get ready for experiences and incredible meals with people who will quickly become lifelong friends and future travel buddies. Traveling with me is a joyful adventure where we laugh, share stories over meals, try all kinds of new things, and enjoy the heck out of the people and places we visit. You’re here to have fun and enjoy!

Sure you’ll see and learn about the major sites in the places we travel – but we also make sure to hang and eat with the locals, skip the tourist trap spots, and focus on local gems with an emphasis on authenticity. You’ll learn about all aspects of the culture we travel in; meeting chefs, winemakers, artisans, and guides who grew up in the tiny towns we visit. You’ll see both cities and countryside, and stay at unique but still 4 star properties. We travel to immerse ourselves in a culture, not to check off boxes on a list of tourist sites.

When you travel you want that perfect balance of seeing and experiencing as much as you can while you’re there without exhausting yourself.  You’re up for trying new things like visiting a farm for cheese making, getting your hands dirty for pasta making, visiting hidden gems that are off the beaten path, having free time to stroll, shop, and explore.  

My Trips Are Not For You If...

If the vacation you’re craving involves sleeping on a beach all day, no scheduled activities, and no other people around I’d save my tour for when you’re ready for an adventure with new friends. Sure we visit spas, sometimes get massages, stay at wonderful hotels, and have downtime away from the group to rest or explore on your own as part of my trips. But our goal is to immerse ourselves in the places we visit.

Maybe you’re a picky eater, only like staying at US chain hotels like Hiltons or Sheratons, and don’t like breaking out of your routine.  These trips are an immersive foodie adventure where we stay at unique 4 star properties, hang with locals, do new-to-you things, move around the region, and try lots of authentic local specialties. PS: We can definitely accommodate food allergies and special dietary needs – I’m talking about adults that eat like toddlers and don’t enjoy being in other cultures.

No, I’m not kidding – fun lovers who enjoy laughing and meeting new people only, please! No worries if you haven’t traveled in a while or ever – I’ll be there to help you find the best flights, add on other things to do, and make sure you feel welcomed and comfortable. I specialize in solo travelers and host fun group calls ahead of the trip so we arrive at our destination already feeling like friends too.

Life's Too Short To Stress Over Travel Planning

Custom Trip Planning

Don’t waste hours researching and struggling to find unique, quality experiences and places to stay. Let Julie help you craft a custom travel itinerary with lots of chef-insider perks so you can relax and get excited about your trip!

Private Group Tours

Do you have a group of 10-12 ready to travel with you?
Family or college reunion, a group of couples or friends, a coach or media community? Julie can create and host a private, customizable group tour just for you!

Julie Hartigan is a NYC-based Chef, Media Personality, and lifelong Travel Lover!

Meet Your Travel Guide

Julie Hartigan

Julie believes some of the most magical, transformative, and memorable moments in life come when immersed in another culture while traveling.

Julie’s passion for travel and sharing regional, authentic dishes, ingredients, wine, and culture was a big driver in ditching her engineering career to become a trained chef.

A total fun-lover and natural born host and teacher; Julie’s Food Wine & Culture Tours are the perfect way for people to connect with fellow fun-lovers, celebrate themselves, enjoy the good things in life, and taste the world.

In addition to publishing 1000’s of recipes and cooking videos featuring regional specialties; Julie has tasted her way around the world in her travels to Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, England, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Cuba, France, the Caribbean and as many more places to come as possible.

Her trips are designed to be a fun-filled, life-changing experience for foodies where you’ll come home feeling joyful, alive, and transformed.

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Get peace of mind before & ON your next trip with Julie’s recommended travel insurance – it bundles in trip interruptions AND medical insurance while you’re abroad plus you get access to Julie’s designated insurance agent.