Healthy Habits for Your Everyday Life

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Confession time and embarrassing story for you…

The other day I was writing and doing some research for work when suddenly I felt SO ridiculously hungry. Mind you, I’d just eaten lunch! But the snack cabinet, & specifically the leftover Spicy Kettle Chips from my weekend guests were calling to me SO loudly! (Does that happen to you too? WOW those snacks are vocal!) I’d finish a paragraph, get up and grab a handful of chips.  Finish a paragraph, get up and get the bag and wander around eating out of it for a few minutes avoiding my laptop, sit down to write again and….(I’m sure you get the cringy picture!)

But you know what? I actually stopped and caught myself before it went too far and didn’t let it derail my day or my mood.  Here’s the thing – healthy eating is more than the food we keep in the house, it’s about our minds just as much as our physical. It’s about creating small daily, healthy habits that go beyond the meals you eat.

Here are some healthy habits that have been helping me that I hope will help you too!

Get Quality Sleep

I’ve been focusing on getting better sleep, winding down before bedtime, drinking less wine after dinner so I sleep better, and using a meditation app at bedtime.  When we’re tired we’re WAY more prone to overeat, to reach for snacks we don’t need, and just to feel stressed out and binge eat. Are you getting enough sleep?

Block Out Time for Self-Care

I’ve also been trying to take time for myself each day -even just a few minutes of quiet with my coffee in bed or to sit and read a book with nobody bothering me.  I’ve been putting lemon in my water and giving myself manicures and saying “no” to things I don’t want to go to.  When we feel like we’re well cared for and being true to ourselves we’re way less likely to turn to food in stressful moments. Are you doing things just for you and taking care of yourself?

Pause to Think

When I catch myself eating in a not-healthy way like stress-eating or craving endless amounts of sugar or salty snacks I picture someone who loves me watching me (my daughter for example) giving me a hug, taking the bag out of my hand and saying “mom you don’t really need that”.  I try to pause and think….why am I REALLY eating?

Am I bored? Procrastinating? Stressed? Angry? Anxious? Lonely?   

Honestly identifying, naming, and understanding what the true cause is can de-power it and almost feel like a hug from yourself.  To slow down, talk a breath, catch yourself, give yourself a hug and instead think “This is NOT what will make me feel better” – maybe calling a friend will, taking a walk, playing with your dog, watching funny Youtube videos.

Pay Close Attention to Your Self-Talk & Inner Critic

Especially the voice in your head that’s hard on you – basically, the worst mean girl ever!

How we talk to ourselves when we make a mistake is so important. Call ourselves names we’d NEVER call a friend, beating ourselves up all day or all weekend for one poor eating choice, gets us SO down. We ALL slip up from time to time.  It’s how we handle it that matters.  Show yourself love, switch your inner voice to be what you would tell a loved one. Focus instead on how awesome you are, ALL the amazing things you do, on hitting “reset” on your eating right then and there vs letting it ruin your mood and healthy eating for the day and get on with your beautiful happy-healthy self. ❤️

Healthy eating is NOT just about the food we keep in the house, the recipes we use, or our mad healthy cooking skills. What has to happen alongside that is self-care, positive self-talk, and mindfulness or awareness of our weak spots. Creating healthy habits around these weak spots can help strengthen them. Start creating your healthy habits today!