In my culinary career, I’ve written thousands of recipes for Weight Watchers, Bed Bath & Beyond, Fit Pregnancy, and my own cooking classes. One of my top talents is lightening up traditional dishes so you don’t even notice how much healthier they are. On the flip side, I also enjoy the occasional indulgence and love making amazing cocktails and pretty (& pretty decadent) party dishes to wow family and friends.

My philosophy?  Food & cooking should be fun & recipes should be as simple as possible…with delicious results!

Egg, mushroom, tomato and chorizo hash in a sausepan, held by a woman.
Pre-3:00 Eats, breakfast, brunch, and lunch
Fresh salad leaves mix in wooden bowl
Soups and Salads
Canapes with smoked salmon
Party perfect apps and small plates
Scrumptious Sides
Grilled vegetables on cutting board on dark wooden background
Vegetarian and Veggie Lovers
Pasta with meatballs
Substantial Mains
Dips, Dressing and little extras
Single stemmed wide cocktail glass on garden metal table in late afternoon sun
Cocktails and other sips
Chocolate and raspberry cupcakes
Sweet Treats

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